Our bags

Our focus is to provide children with a holistic and nature based approach to grief and healing. We encourage children and families to spend time in the garden and create a space for reflection and conversation. We believe that the garden offers a gentle space that children can process, question and understand their loss. Inside our beautiful handmade bags you'll find a packet of seeds, planting instructions and a small painted rock. 



Our fabric is hand printed using water based, solvent free inks on fabric that has been ethically sourced. Currently, 90% of our fabric comes from the wonderful women at Ink and Spindle. We are lucky enough to share our beautiful studio with these ladies so are able to see first hand the work, love and care that goes into printing our fabrics.


The Sunflower Seeds used in the bags have either been purchased from a small local supplier or provided by one of our beautiful Seeds for Siblings families. This families story can be found here: Baby Ace


Each rock is hand picked from a garden supplier in Wantirna by Jamilla and other volunteers. The rocks are then bagged up, taken home to be washed and painted. The size, shape, texture and painted Sunflower on each rock is a little different but thats what we think makes each one special.

The Seed packets

The little origami seed packets that are filled with Sunflower Seeds have been lovingly folded, usually by friends of Jamilla’s who come over for dinner and get put to work. We use recycled cardboard to create the seed packets, ensuring minimal waste.