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After birthing our stillborn son, Baby Ace, we came across Seeds for Siblings just before Spring and were provided with a bag of sunflower seeds and a beautiful hand painted rock with our baby’s name written on it. Discovering this amazing organisation in the early days of our family’s grief was instrumental in our journey. As a family we created a garden just for our beautiful Baby Ace. It provided a way for our children to express their loss and their love towards their little brother, that they didn’t get to meet. Baby Ace’s siblings were able to plant the seeds, water the seedlings, and at the end of the season, were then able to harvest the seeds. As a mother and wife, watching the children and my husband walk past the dried sunflower head on the table and pick seeds individually was a highly powerful and gratifying moment. To know that as individuals they were thinking of Ace. We then passed these seeds onto our family and friends, who have supported us on our grief journey. Baby Ace’s siblings also collect rocks to place in the garden, which is a tradition that has stemmed from Seeds for Siblings gift of a personalised rock.


Seeds for Siblings has enabled us as a family to form our own traditions to honour and remember Baby Ace. Our beautiful baby has three older brothers and the confusion and sadness of us not being able to bring their sibling home after the birth, was challenging for them to understand. Seeds for Siblings enabled us to have a positive momentum in our grief journey and for us to remember our handsome and perfect Baby Ace. The garden is a beautiful reminder that he will forever be a part of our family. Seeds for Siblings honours every baby that was born stillborn. We are so grateful to have this organisation as part of our grief journey.

Karli Myers – Mother to Baby Ace Myers born 08 June 2016 (3 siblings)