Seeds for Siblings provides children who have experienced the loss of a sibling with a handmade fabric bags containing Sunflower seeds. These seeds can then be planted in memory of their baby brother or sister. 

This project began after close family members experienced the stillbirth of their twins, Nelson and Selma. While trying to find information on sibling bereavement for their eldest daughter I noticed a huge gap. There was limited literature and support programs specifically for children who had lost their brother or sister throughout pregnancy or in the year after birth. This project aims to acknowledge and highlight this type of sibling bereavement and encourage children to reconnect with nature and the outside world. Each bag contains Sunflower Seeds, a painted Sunflower garden marker and planting instructions. 

The bags are handmade using ethically sourced hemp/cotton that has been hand-printed in Melbourne using water based, solvent free inks. The seeds have been sourced from small local Melbourne based companies and some that have been harvested from my own Sunflowers. These seeds can be planted in memory of the child's brother or sister and once the Sunflower begins to wilt, the children can collect the seeds and keep to plant the following Spring. Seeds can also be given to family and friends to plant. 

Currently, we supply nine hospitals throughout Victoria and New South Wales and to date have provided more than 1000 bags to bereaved children. To place a bag order via our website, please click here. 

If bag orders are placed online we are able to personalise the small stone that is included in the bag. If you have received a bag through one of our partner hospitals, I encourage you to personalise the rock yourself with a sharpie marker.